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Se puede registrar y convertir en miembro. Es completamente GRATIS. La base de datos más grande REAL y ACTIVO de perfiles femeninos

We are real

Hemos puesto nuestra reputación al principio, al proveer un servicio al cliente personal y sobresaliente, manteniendo una base de datos actualizada y actual, y asegurándonos que cada uno de nuestros clientes obtiene los resultados que él o ella merecen.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA)

All US citizens and residents have to fill out the IMBRA form and undergo the IMBRA check for $40 before they can request a lady’s contact info for the first time on our website. When contact info is requested the lady receives the results of your IMBRA check and signs it.


Why do this?

You have to go through this procedure to be legally allowed to correspond with your lady privately according to the US IMBRA law. A signed IMBRA form is a document required for the K1 fiancee visa.


How it works

When you request a lady’s contact info for the first time an email with a blank IMBRA form is automatically sent to your email address if your country is US.

You should fill out the attached document and send it back to us. The service costs $40 and you can pay for it here or authorize us to charge 40 credits from your profile account. Once you fill out the form and pay the fee we will run your data through national (and state, where applicable) sex offender database(s) and prepare the report. The process takes up to 3 business days. If there is a soft match in National Sex Offender Public Registry we might request a copy of your passport or driver's license. We do it only to provide a full and valid document to comply with the IMBRA law and we guarantee that your passport data will not be misused of shared with any third party.

If you cannot open the attachment you can download the IMBRA form here doc | pdf

You can request the IMBRA form sent to you by fax or ordinary mail for 5 credits.

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